5 Key Steps to Organise a Large Event

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5 Key Steps to Organise a Large Event

Are you an event organiser? If so, then you will need to think about event traffic management and how traffic can impact the smooth running of your event. In fact, in this blog, we have compiled a list of the 5 key steps to consider when planning a large event. 

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1) Determine the Numbers 

No matter if you are planning for a concert or a parade, determining how many people, even if it is just an estimated number, that will attend your event can be useful in helping you plan other aspects of your event such as the amount of staff needed, food and refreshments, and more. 

2) Set the Budget 

The budget plays an integral role in any event planning, so it’s important to take into account the funding for the event and how much is affordable. Stick to the budget and always be mindful of the costs! 

3) Design and Decor  

You might want to consider the design aspect of your event – regardless of whether the event uses the road or will only impact the road, decorating your event is something that you might want to do. Don’t forget that decor should align with the purpose of the event and its style.

4) Assess Risks/Concerns/Hazards 

Evaluating potential risks or hazards is a good idea for any event. This is particularly useful for events that utilise the road (races, walks/marches, street fairs, etc.), but it’s also worth doing for events in venues such as for a concert or sports match. 

5) Create Event Traffic Management Plans 

If you realised that traffic could be negatively affected by your event, regardless of whether it’s an off-road activity or not, you’ll want to take event traffic control into account. Temporary traffic control measures should be put into place, with a bespoke event traffic management plan made to address traffic concerns and mitigate risks.

At ISAV Design, we offer event traffic management services to help you effectively control traffic flow during events. If you are an event organiser, traffic management is essential to the safety and efficiency of the roads surrounding the event site. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our event traffic management solutions, or if you have any further questions about our offerings. 

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