5 Reasons Why Traffic Rules and Signs are Important

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5 Reasons Why Traffic Rules and Signs are Important

Traffic rules and signs are something that both drivers and pedestrians see daily, but what is their importance? When it comes to road traffic safety, here are 5 reasons why traffic rules and signs are important: 

1) Reduces likelihood of accidents  

A key aspect of traffic rules and signs is to maintain road traffic safety. Traffic rules and signs help to reduce the risk of accidents through things like speed limit signs and stop signs to make drivers aware of how they should be driving.  

2) Directs drivers and pedestrians 

Although GPS technology can certainly help you reach your destination, it is always a good idea to check the road signs as well to ensure that you are on the correct route. Directional signs in particular help make your journey easier and less stressful. The same applies for pedestrians – they can also use road signs to help direct them to where they need to go. 

3) Controls traffic flow 

Without traffic rules and signs, traffic, especially in busy areas, can get too heavy and even dangerous. As a result, traffic flow becomes inefficient and difficult to manage. However, traffic rules and signs help to control the flow of traffic so that accidents can be avoided. Signs such as give way, roundabouts, and U-turn signs are examples of traffic signs that help control traffic flow.  

4) Warns drivers 

Drivers are informed of any obstacles or upcoming hazards with traffic signs which can help them slow down and better prepare themselves for what’s ahead. For example, sharp left or right turns are indicated, as well as pedestrian crossings and animal signs, notifying drivers that they should be aware of pedestrians and animals potentially crossing the road.  

5) Maintains law and order 

Traffic rules and signs provide consistent rules for drivers to follow, so there is less confusion on the road. General road traffic safety is maintained when drivers follow the rules, though it’s not guaranteed that everyone will. On the one hand, it does offer a rulebook for new drivers to help them feel more comfortable on the road. 

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