Demand For Traffic Management Companies Soars In Auckland

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Demand For Traffic Management Companies Soars In Auckland

Auckland’s traffic figures are climbing and with that comes congestion. In 2021 when the world saw traffic figures decline, Auckland’s Automobile Association reported a record level of traffic! This highlights the need for highly researched solutions from traffic management companies for the building industry, road maintenance and other events. 

Auckland Traffic Management Figures

While many people might think it is not surprising to see year-on-year growth in traffic, the facts behind it make it surprising. 

First, there is a global push to urgently move from individual vehicles to public transport or alternative methods of travel e.g. electric bikes, scooters and skateboards.

Second, the population figure in Auckland dropped in 2021 which, therefore, amplifies the significance of the record high traffic  

And last, despite the opening of the Waterview Tunnel five years ago, morning peak traffic congestion on all the motorway networks was worse than pre-tunnel congestion.

Commuting Congestion In Auckland

The Automobile Association reported that commuters would have felt the congestion more intensely at the end of the second quarter of 2021. Morning commuting times, for example, were tracked at:

  • An average of fifty minutes on the Southern Motorway, which is 16.3 per cent higher than the previous year.
  • Twenty-eight minutes, Southwestern Motorway 27 per cent increase
  • Thirty-two minutes, Northwestern Motorway 10.5 per cent increase 
  • Thirty-six minutes, Northern Motorway, 9 per cent increase 
  • Eighteen minutes, Upper Harbour Motorway, 50 per cent increase

The congestion periods are lasting for longer periods so historical traffic management solutions will need new research and revision. 

Traffic-Increase Factors

The Automobile Association proposes that the shift of population from central Auckland and surrounding suburbs to outer areas has fuelled the increase in commuting.

It was also noted that, unfortunately, the use of public transport has dropped which is not great news for the environment. 

Another factor that should have helped DECREASE traffic levels is the huge uptick in working-from-home arrangements. Reduced incomes are proposed as one major factor that drove a large percentage of inner or near-inner city residents to the more affordable areas, resulting in a commuting spike & the need for cars as kids have stayed in the same schools.

Traffic Management Companies & Future Traffic

The Automobile Association has appealed to the Transport Agency to move congestion up their priority list and to allocate a meaningful budget for it. 

This significant increase in vehicular traffic, and the resulting congestion, will require subtle engineering from traffic management companies and their engineers in order to keep Auckland moving.

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