Event Planning Road Traffic Safety Guide

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Event Planning Road Traffic Safety Guide

Organised events will impact the transport system and impede or disrupt normal traffic flow. A temporary traffic management plan (TMP) must be designed and implemented to ensure the road traffic safety of all transport users and systems, including motorists, pedestrians and passengers.

This includes planning for emergency vehicles, participants and non-participants this will be affected by the event. The TMP aims to show how all of these road users will be guided through the affected area and how road traffic safety will be maintained. 

This process can be broken down into five steps that will need to be completed, beginning long before the event and continuing through to a post-event evaluation. Read on for a brief overview of these steps.

Step 1: Event Overview And Road Traffic Safety Impacts

The step involves generating an overview of the event and the anticipated transport impacts that it will cause. A risk assessment should be included to outline the possible road traffic safety issues that could occur.

Step 2: Determine The Scope Of The Traffic Management Plan

The event’s time, place, venue, size and duration will significantly impact the extent of the required plan. These variables need to be defined to understand their impact on the transport system.

Step 3: Design The Temporary Management Plan

The Temporary Management Plan must now be put together, covering all aspects of road traffic safety for the event. This could include temporary detours, road signs, road markings, barriers, rumble strips and walkways. All aspects of road traffic safety must be included to keep motorists, passengers and pedestrians safe, make provision for emergency services and include information on personnel that will be requireed to manage the process.

Step 4: Submit The Temporary Management Plan For Approval

The traffic management plan will have to be submitted in the required format to the relevant authorities within stipulated deadlines for review and approval. 

Step 5: Review The Plan For Future Learning

Post-event evaluation is essential to review the effectiveness of the traffic management plan on road traffic safety, particularly if this will be an ongoing event. The aspects that worked and those that did not should be noted to be included and revised in future plans.

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