How Traffic Management Equipment Saves Resources & Lives In New Zealand

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How Traffic Management Equipment Saves Resources & Lives In New Zealand

With each event or work site that we are asked to design for, we take painstaking care of double and triple checking what we are specifying & hiring out. This is because we know every instruction and piece of temporary traffic management equipment saves lives, time and profits in New Zealand.

A Universal Language

The signage, layout and equipment within an executed traffic management plan tell the visual safety story that we wrote. No matter your home language, an orange cone or a chevron barrier immediately sends a message to a driver or pedestrian. 

New Zealand is a world leader in temporary traffic management (TTM) and traffic management plans (TMPs) as well as enforcing them. 

When we are designing your solution, our engineers look at the road, its context, the changes that will occur, and the knock-on effect of these changes. We then seek a balance between traffic flow (human or vehicular) and safety. We also look at rationalising the amount of equipment and human resources used to balance cost with flow and safety.

What Are VMS Boards?

One of the pieces of equipment that are specified in some plans is VMS Boards. These boards are an excellent supplier of advanced warnings to pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Their message is always clear whilst offering versatility because their message is easily changed. VMS stands for Mobile Variable Message Signboard and these very helpful signage solutions can be used in minor works as well as major events or during dangerous, hazardous occurrences. Examples of messages that have been posted on the VMS Boards are as follows:

  • Warnings of upcoming project work along a route
  • Tailored messages on private or corporate land
  • Rerouting advise
  • Journey timing e.g. 1 hour to Auckland
  • Safety notifications – fog head, dim lights
  • Speed radar notifications to draw your attention to speeding

How Do You Get Power To The VMS Boards?

No generators or power points are needed for VMS boards because they are green-powered by solar or have a battery pack on their chassis. The lamps used are LED which give excellent clarity due to them being very directional. This makes them ideal for adverse weather.

Using LED illuminated signage is far more effective than large temporary printed signs as light is more attractive to the human mind and they are more easily seen in foul weather. One of the best, if not the best reason, is that you can change the message in a few seconds without having to remove the sign. The message can even be changed remotely via a smartphone. 

They are to be used in conjunction with standard temporary traffic management signs and not as a replacement. They are affordable to rent.

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