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How Do Traffic Control Courses Relate To Traffic Management Courses NZ & Traffic Management Training?

Traffic control courses form part of the overall traffic management courses Nz syllabus in NZ. Once you have achieved this course you can progress on to others such as STMS training. A traffic control course gives you the ability to work with Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) that are issued for site-specific, temporary traffic safety interventions. You will know how to interpret the site-specific safety plans and the Traffic Management Diagrams you receive from the Traffic Management consultants and engineers.

What Is A Traffic Management Plan (TMP)?

A TMP is a strategic and practical solution created by traffic control consultants and engineers and includes the design and installation and control instructions of temporary traffic management (TTM) equipment during the lifespan of the traffic management intervention.

A traffic controller in NZ will operate while site-work or an event is occurring and will control road lanes, footpaths and verges.  A trained traffic controller will understand the documented details relating to the use of the road by all motorised vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

The controller will also know how to direct all motorised traffic, workers and pedestrians around a worksite as well as guide all vehicular or human traffic around an accident site or temporary traffic disruption (e.g. a fallen tree). The traffic management plan always aims to balance the need for safety with the need for maintaining traffic flow. Any TMP and traffic controller must comply with the Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management (CoPTTM) and be approved by the Road Controller Authority.

Who Must Take The Course?

Anyone wanting to work as a traffic controller must hold this qualification that enables the holder, once briefed by the STMS, to:

  • set up, maintain, alter and remove level LV and level 1 TTM worksites
  • undertake the on-site duties of an STMS for level LV and level 1 TTM.

Who must hold this qualification are:

  • all engineer project management, design and worksite supervision staff
  • all contractor’s on-site management staff including worksite managers, worksite forepersons and leading hands who set up, maintain, alter and remove a worksite without an STMS present.

Attendance Numbers   Minimum of 10.

Course Duration    1 day ( + Point- Saturdays Only)

Entry Criteria


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