Road Management 101: 10 Common Abbreviations Explained

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Road Management 101: 10 Common Abbreviations Explained

Road traffic management plans will contain several key terms that will be used to identify different aspects of the plan. While most professionally designed plans will include a glossary or list of abbreviations, they may be absent. 

Here is a helpful list of the most commonly used abbreviations in road management plans to help you along.

  1. CoPTTM – Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management

This describes the best practice options for safe and efficient traffic management on all roads in New Zealand.

  1. NZTA – New Zealand Transport Agency

This government agency in New Zealand is responsible for CoPTTM. Also known as Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, it sets the requirements for the management and operation of TTM on all roads in New Zealand.

  1. RCA – Road controlling authority

The RCA is the authority or body controlling a specific portion of the road network. There are 74 different road management controlling authorities in New Zealand, including NZTA.

  1. TC – Traffic controller

This person has a qualification from the NZTA and is responsible for managing and controlling traffic on Level 1 and Level LV roads.

  1. TMC – Traffic management coordinator

This person has the authorisation of an RCA to approve traffic management plans and coordinate temporary traffic management.

  1. TMD – Traffic management diagram

An essential part of a TMP is the traffic management diagram which depicts how the traffic controls should be laid out for the specific application (for example, an event or a construction site). This visual aid will include instructions, type of equipment and required quality.

  1. TMP – Traffic management plan

This document describes the design, implementation and maintenance of TTM while the relevant activity (for example, an event, a construction site or road rehabilitation management) is being carried out.

  1. TTM – Temporary traffic management

This is a plan designed to ensure the safety and protection of workers, clients, suppliers, equipment, vehicles and members of the public during an event or project. Temporary road management control is designed to minimise hazardous situations.

  1. TSL – Temporary speed limit

This speed limit will be in place under the authority of the temporary traffic plan and will be valid for periods under six months.

  1. STMS – Site traffic management supervisors

This person has a qualification from NZTA and is responsible for the documentation and management of a temporary traffic management plan.

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