Road Traffic Management Systems – Saving Resources & Lives In Auckland

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Road Traffic Management Systems - Saving Resources & Lives In Auckland

Road traffic management systems tell a story of safety and, like a story, they should be easy to read by those who view it, guiding you on a journey to a predetermined end.

These stories are not fairytales, they are life-saving, money-saving and time-saving works of fact.

Auckland’s TTM (temporary traffic management)

TMPs (traffic management plans) issued in New Zealand undergo a scrupulous approval process at the Road Commission offices before any piece of equipment hits the ground. A well-design plan addresses the road AND its environment as well as appropriate cost efficiencies.

We believe that these three pieces of equipment are the first that should be considered for incorporation into a TMP.

Mobile Variable Message Signs (VMS)

Nothing is as unambiguous as a VMS. They, therefore, shouldn’t only be pulled out for big occurrences or high-risk plans. We recommend that they are higher up the priority list for use in pre-project preconditioning, private stakeholder projects, route advisories, travel time or safety announcements and speed tracking messages.

The LED illuminated VMS equipment can be solar powered which is good news and can be repositioned easily on their trailer. Their versatility is enhanced by the ease with which their messages can be updated remotely.

Temporary Traffic Signals

Mobile temporary traffic signals and lights are a great asset for longer-term projects. They are more affordable and safer than a traffic controller with a stop-and-go system. 

Using these signs puts fewer humans (traffic controllers) in the close vicinity of vehicular traffic and is a more affordable option. The signs are easier to see than a human controller, especially when combined with traffic lights. Regardless of weather conditions or length of time on site, their performance remains stable and reliable.

Road Safety Barriers

A barrier is one of the pieces of road traffic management equipment that can claim to directly save lives. They are a vital part of TMPs and are intended to divert misdirected vehicles away from hazards.

Barriers on work sites keep vehicles in the correct areas thereby reducing hazardous situations from arising. They require design by a specialist to work effectively.


When it is time to write your road traffic management system in Auckland, contact our team for your worksite’s TTM story. Your unique TMP may include VMS, barriers, traffic lights as well as traffic controllers. 

In addition to obtaining an engineered TMP from ISAV Design, you can also hire equipment and contract temporary traffic management controllers who are trained in traffic control, crowd control and communication skills for various scenarios. We are also able to supply you with a full on-road crew to install your TMP and manage your TTM. 

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