TMP?? What is it..

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A Traffic Management Plan (TMP) is a site-specific plan that covers the design, implementation, maintenance and removal of temporary traffic management (TTM) measures while work or activity is carried out in the road corridor (road, footpath or berm). The plan details how road users – including cyclists and pedestrians – will be directed around a work site, accident, or other temporary road disruption, to minimise inconvenience while providing safe conditions for both the road user and those carrying out the activity. Any TMP must comply with the Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management (CoPTTM).

Layout diagrams (TMDs)

Layout diagrams are expected as part of the application and must show: – What signs and other traffic management devices will be used – Where the various devices (with dimensions) will be set out – A site drawing that reflects the road layout in the location.

46 Brown Rd Map