What Does A Traffic Consultant Do In Auckland?

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What Does A Traffic Consultant Do In Auckland?

Traffic is an integral part of life and most of us don’t notice it until it doesn’t work well – and then it turns a good day into a nightmare. Traffic consultants in Auckland are specialists and can include transportation engineers with Masters degrees. They are the experts you turn to when you want all things traffic to flow smoothly, from cars to people.

What Work Is Done By A Traffic Consultant In Auckland?

A traffic consultant agency can investigate existing traffic conditions or project future traffic conditions based on community, environmental or anomaly conditions. Based on the collated data, legislation and best practices, a consultant will issue a proposed design including recommended equipment and layout diagrams.

These documents can be simple solutions for a driveway, complex highway strategies or event traffic management and control. Their expert advice is also pivotal in the development of new land-use and its related road usage safety and public transport networks.

Where Do Traffic Consultants Work?

Traffic consultants and engineers tend to work in small consulting agencies and are used for the supply of traffic engineering and traffic management planning services.  They usually work locally but are able to work internationally as well.

Consulting work is awarded to them from government departments, environmental consultants, property developers, event organisers and existing large properties that need updated traffic planning e.g. an expanding school needing more driveways and parking.

The most successful traffic consultant will have an innovative approach to traffic challenges, a superior level of attention to detail, deep knowledge of all local legislation and an understanding of human behaviour in traffic.

What Types Of Traffic Management Solutions Are Designed?

Traffic Intersections

Traffic intersections can be designed as roundabouts, traffic lights or other intersection halting or calming interventions.

The safety requirements at intersections are high as they are high-accident areas. As with all traffic management planning, the safety requirements need to be balanced with the need for maintaining efficient flows. Destroying the flow of traffic due to over-specified safety measures can cause motorists or pedestrians to make ad hoc adjustments, thereby spiking the accident risk.

What Type Of Traffic Is Planned For & How?

A traffic consultant will consider a diverse range of current and future road users. This will include:

  • Domestic motor vehicles
  • Taxis
  • Light delivery vehicles
  • Heavy vehicles
  • Public and private buses
  • Motorbikes and electric bikes
  • Stand-up scooters
  • Cyclists
  • Regular pedestrian traffic, extreme event-level pedestrian traffic and niche pedestrian traffic e.g. schools, old age homes, site-workers
  • Equestrian traffic and farm vehicle traffic in rural and some suburban areas

These factors will influence what type of intersections and crossings are designed as well as the need for, and the quantity of, traffic lights, signage on posts and on the road surface and the overall layout flow.  The traffic designers will usually utilise software such as AUTOCAD with AutoTURN for analysis. There is also traffic modelling software available for testing intersection models.

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