Why Traffic Management Plans Are Important For Large Events

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Why Traffic Management Plans Are Important For Large Events

Large events can bring thousands of people to one small area, creating chaos on the roads if an effective traffic management plan is not put in place. Traffic management plans are critical for ensuring the safety of event attendees, local residents, and companies during large events. They also aid in creating convenience and efficiency. This blog explores the importance of a well-planned traffic management system for your large event. 

First things first, before a traffic management plan is made, a full analysis needs to be conducted of traffic flow patterns to help take into account factors which may affect your event in any way. These could include expected attendance of the event, peak traffic hours and what road networks are nearby and around the event location. 

To prevent any problems on the day of the event, the traffic management plan will prepare for temporary road closures, rerouting of traffic, and designated parking areas for event guests. To make sure your traffic management plan is successful, it will be necessary to collaborate with the local authorities. 

When implementing your traffic management plan you need to offer effective communication with attendees so that guests follow the traffic management plan’s guidelines. The safety and enjoyment of attendees will be reliant on your traffic management plan. 

Things to consider when making your traffic management plan

Location will have a huge effect on your plan because this will impact how visitors will get to your event, whether it be by coach, tram, car or even by foot. This will impact the way you organise the traffic entering your event.  

Next, you will need to think about which roads or paths might be affected by your event traffic, as this might lead to you needing to apply for some road closures as well as accommodating the extra traffic from the event without causing delays for local residents.

ISAV DESIGN NZ offer traffic management services in Auckland providing traffic control plans for large events to keep guests and workers safe. Our traffic management plans are temporary traffic management, site-specific road traffic safety plans that cover the design, implementation, maintenance and removal of temporary traffic management measures while work or activity is carried out on the road. To get in touch call us on +64 9600 2227 or drop us an email at info@isavdesign.co.nz

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