How to Create a Traffic Control Safety Plan?

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How to Create a Traffic Control Safety Plan?

From construction zones to event sites, traffic can be negatively affected, leading to potential accidents, congestion, and other concerns that could ultimately impact the success of the construction project or the event itself. 

For traffic control safety in Waikato, ISAV Design is the traffic control experts to turn to. In fact, in this blog, we will discuss the importance of traffic control safety plans and how you can create the perfect one for your specific needs. 

Let’s get started!

What is Traffic Control Safety?

In essence, traffic control, also known as traffic management, refers to the supervision of vehicles, pedestrians, and other road users, to ensure safety and road efficiency. Traffic control measures are implemented to manage traffic flow and improve the safety of road users. Typically, these are things such as:

  • Traffic lights
  • Barriers/blocks
  • Cones
  • And more…

When there’s a disruption (work zone, event etc.), temporary traffic control measures will need to be incorporated to ensure that traffic continues to run smoothly. 

This is where a traffic control safety plan comes into play. 

Creating a Traffic Control Safety Plan

A traffic control safety plan takes into account all road users that could be affected by work sites or events that cause disruption to the traffic flow. This ranges from cars and trucks to cyclists and pedestrians. As a result, a traffic control safety plan is designed to improve the safety of all persons within the vicinity of the site. 

In order to create an effective plan, you will first need to assess and evaluate the risks and hazards involved in relation to traffic flow. The traffic control safety plan should then address these risks and provide recommendations for minimising or eliminating the risks altogether. Ideally, it should outline temporary traffic control measures and how these will be implemented and maintained, including:

  • Flagging
  • Markings
  • Speed limits
  • Cones
  • Barrier systems
  • And more…

If you are looking to create a first class traffic control safety plan that addresses all risks and concerns, ISAV Design has got your back. Effectively manage traffic around your construction or event site with traffic control safety in Waikato with ISAV Design. Contact us today for more information or if you have any questions about our services!

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