Incorporate Safety Gear Into Your Traffic Plan

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Incorporate Safety Gear Into Your Traffic Plan

Creating a traffic control plan is essential for construction work sites and also for unusual events that will disrupt regular traffic flow on a temporary basis. 

The traffic plan will contain all the details of setting out the area to ensure the safety of motorists, pedestrians, workers and construction staff. But it is essential not to overlook the safety of the traffic control staff themselves.

Read on to learn more about safety gear options that are available to keep everyone included in the traffic plan safe, including the traffic controller themselves.

Personal Safety Clothing Options

  • High visibility vests – Look for high-quality safety vests that meet your job’s ANSI/ISEA safety standard. Pocket options are great for stowing keys, phones and two-way radios.
  • High-visibility surveyor vests – All the pockets and pouches make these an excellent option for implementing the designated traffic plan. You can easily carry your two-way radio, cellphone, notebook and pencil. Ensure that your chosen surveyor vest meets the visibility safety standard requirements for the job.
  • Safety boots – Whether PVC boots or regular shoe-type boots, go for a steel toe-cap option to keep your feet safe.
  • Safety pants/leg gaiters – Comfortable high-visibility safety pants or gaiters with reflective strips are a must to ensure full visibility of traffic controllers in all lighting conditions.
  • Hard hats – Adjustable, correctly fitting hard hats are a great piece of safety gear and a legal requirement in construction zones.
  • Neck shields – lightweight neck shields can be attached to the brim of safety hats to protect against sunburn

Other Essential Equipment To Assist With Safe Traffic Plan Implementation

  • Two-way radios – Overcome the communication challenges presented by construction sites using two-way radios for clean and consistent information exchange of your traffic plan.
  • Portable traffic signs – Reflective paddle traffic signs
  • Flash batons – Battery-operated traffic batons with LED bulbs are useful and usually have a carrying strap and clip. Typically have three modes: red flashing light, red steady light and off.
  • Emergency air horns – these super load, aerosol-powered, hand-held signalling devices are great for instant emergency warnings. They can be carried in a pocket or attached to a belt or other safety equipment with a clip. 

Contact ISAV Designs today to get the best traffic plans for your construction or special event site. We are experts in developing traffic management plans, temporary traffic management, traffic impact assessment and traffic control training. And we can advise on all your safety equipment requirements.

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