Saving Lives With Traffic Management Training

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Saving Lives With Traffic Management Training

Traffic control courses are a stepping stone in completing the traffic management training course requirement. Once completed, delegates can move on to other qualifications, such as SAP Transport Management System training (STMS).

However, people who have completed the traffic control course can work on-site with traffic management plans. This is a vitally important role to ensure on-site safety both on construction sites and for temporary traffic interventions at special events.

Read on to learn more about the vital role played by traffic controllers in these situations.

What Does A Traffic Controller Do?

As part of the overall traffic management training course, learning to be a traffic controller is an important role that needs to be fulfilled on construction sites and for temporary traffic interventions at pop-up events.

As a traffic controller, you will be able to interpret Traffic Management Plans. Your training will allow you to implement the information provided in the site-specific safety plans along with traffic management diagrams. 

Why Is A Traffic Controller’s Job So Important?

It is all about saving lives, preventing injury and ensuring a safe on-site traffic flow. The traffic management training received by the traffic controller will enable them to take control of roads, lanes, footpaths and verges. 

Interpreting the traffic management plans will enable them to create safe entry, exit, access, and crossing areas to be used by all vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and workers in the prescribed zone.

The traffic controller will direct all such traffic around the site in such a way as to prevent any accidents, harm or damage.

Who Needs To Do The Traffic Controller Course?

If you want to work as a traffic controller, start your traffic management training with a traffic control course, and you will be able to:

  • set up, maintain, alter or dismantle Level LV and Level 1 TTM worksites
  • handle the on-site responsibilities of an STMS at Level LV and Level 1 TTM worksites

Others needing to obtain this qualification include:

  • Members of project management teams, design and on-site supervision staff
  • All on-site staff members (including managers, supervisors and leading hands) who play a role in the set up, maintenance and removal of a worksite when there is no STMS available.

Contact ISAV Design today to enrol in our Traffic Controller Course and get on the path to full traffic management training. With our affordable and concise Traffic Control Training course, you will soon be conducting traffic management plans and STMS instructions and creating safe and efficient work sites.

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