What Is A Site Specific Safety Plan & What Should It Include?

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What Is A Site Specific Safety Plan & What Should It Include?

Have you heard of the term ‘site specific safety plan’, but aren’t sure of what it means? Don’t worry, you have come to the right place. 

In this blog, ISAV Design NZ Ltd will tell you everything that you need to know about site specific safety plans and what they should include. 

What Is A Site Specific Safety Plan?

A site specific safety plan (SSSP) is a written plan that outlines the project in detail, in relation to the specific construction site. SSSPs are designed to identify potential site hazards to ensure the safety of all persons that are involved in the project. If you are looking to keep your workers, clients and others safe onsite, creating a SSSP is key. 

What Should A Site Specific Safety Plan Include?

A SSSP should include a number of important safety controls, practices, and procedures. While there is no correct way to write a SSSP, here are some of the general components that most SSSPs should have:

  • Overview of project – details of the project, including address, start and completion dates, management contact details, and more
  • Scope of work – includes size of the site team, as well as details of the work that will be performed
  • Geographic risks should outline potential risks related to the location of the project, i.e earthquakes, floods, etc. 
  • Potential hazards describes potential hazards and their locations
  • Measures in place to avoid hazards overview of the policies and procedures in place to avoid accidents and injuries; this can include temporary traffic control measures, and more 

Site Specific Traffic Safety Plan

While a SSSP can be used with a wide range of construction projects, if your project requires work or activity that is carried out in the road corridor, then it’s important that you consider also creating a traffic management plan (TMP). This is a site specific traffic safety plan that includes the design, implementation, maintenance, and removal of temporary traffic management measures for work sites.

Here at ISAV Design NZ Ltd, you can count on us for reliable and efficient traffic management solutions. When you need an effective TMP for your specific site, we are the experts to turn to – we can help minimise traffic hazards and improve safety for both workers and road users. Feel free to contact us today for more information.

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