Why Event Traffic Management is Vital for Executing a Safe and Successful Event

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Why Event Traffic Management is Vital for Executing a Safe and Successful Event

If you are an event planner or organiser and your next project is an outdoor or live event, then it’s important that you consider traffic control plan in Auckland to ensure that your event is not only successful, but safe as well. 

Imagine trying to successfully execute an event with thousands of people gathering by roads, waiting for entry – for the guests, drivers, and yourself, it doesn’t appear to be a safe nor ideal situation. 

This is where event traffic management comes into play. In this blog, we’ll cover the groundwork of what event traffic management is and why it plays a crucial role in events. 

What is event traffic management?

Simply put, event traffic management refers to planning and implementation of safety measures to control traffic flow (both vehicles and pedestrians) to and from the location of the event. This can include everything from arranging public transportation for guests, directing cars to designated parking spots, setting up detours and road closures, and more. 

Event traffic risks

Without these measures in place, you increase the likelihood of risks such as:

  • Accidents – both vehicular and pedestrian
  • Uncontrollable crowds – risk of injuries 
  • Security breaches
  • Blockages

All of the above can be prevented by an appropriate event traffic management plan. 

Benefits of event traffic management

So, how does event traffic management tie into event success? Well, here are several benefits to consider: 

  • Reduced congestion – traffic flow is significantly improved during event days in and around the event site, so road users don’t have to worry about heavy traffic impacting their journey 
  • Minimises risk of accidents and injuries – with effective traffic management, there is less chance of drivers, pedestrians and event guests from being injured or involved in an accident as their general safety is enhanced 
  • Better access – public transportation and emergency vehicles won’t be delayed as a result of the event, instead, they can receive better access to the event site
  • Improved efficiency – optimising traffic control is essential for eliminating inefficiencies of the road network surrounding the event site, making it easier for road users to get to and around the event area 

If you are planning an event in the near future, Isav Design has got you covered when it comes to traffic control in Auckland and the immediate areas. For more information about our services, get in touch with us today.

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