Why Temporary Traffic Management Plans Are Vital For Large Events

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Why Temporary Traffic Management Plans Are Vital For Large Events

Event traffic management is a key aspect to consider when planning or organising a large event. A TMP (traffic management plan) is a good idea to have in order to host a safe and successful event, regardless of whether that is a marathon or other. 

Here at ISAV Design NZ Ltd, we can create a temporary traffic management plan that will cover the design, implementation, maintenance, and removal of temporary traffic measures that are designed to minimise road disruption. 

In fact, here are the reasons why TMPs are crucial for any form of large events:

Improves Traffic Safety

The safety of all persons involved in or near the event, which can include road users, is paramount. As a result, it is important that event organisers are able to introduce safety measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone that could be affected by the event. 

With a TMP, road safety is significantly enhanced, reducing the likelihood of accidents or road issues. The safety of road users, from drivers and cyclists to pedestrians will be improved. 

Reduces Traffic Disruption

Traffic can be disrupted in many ways during a large event, which is why a TMP is key to maintaining optimal traffic flow. A TMP can help with rerouting traffic, implementing temporary traffic measures and road closures, directing vehicles to designated parking areas, and more. 

Contributes to Successful Event

Traffic control is essential to the success of a large event, no matter if it is a concert or other type of event. From attendees to emergency services and public transportation, there needs to be a safe and efficient way for road users to get to, from, and around the event location for minimum inconvenience. 

At ISAV Design NZ Ltd, we specialise in the creation of temporary traffic management plans for large events. In particular, we can craft a TMP that caters to your event’s specific needs and requirements, controlling traffic flow and enhancing traffic safety for all road users during the event. No matter if that is a concert or sports event, you can count on us for your traffic planning needs. For more information, or if you have any further questions, please contact us today. 

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